How to become a Property Coach or Buyer's Agent

12 months Coaching journey with Property Expert John Pidgeon

15 years ago I wanted to enter the Property and Finance Industry but had no idea where to look. Education and inspiration for the industry was very limited. Fast forward 15 years and I’ve been successfully running my own business in this space for 10 of them and I’m ready to share my experience with other passionate people. Commencing 1 July 2022, I’m extremely excited to bring my ‘Train the Trainer’ Program to go-getters who also want to be part of this exciting industry but don’t know where to start.  My maximum intake for the program this year is 10 people (4 spots are already gone) who will go on a 12 month journey with me starting 1 July and learn how to run their own business in this complex industry, whether that be being a Buyer’s Agent or a Property Coach, and how to work with clients in this space, how to research markets, basically all of my tools and processes over the past ten years as a business owner myself.


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Letter of Invitation

You can download the Train the Trainer Letter of Invitation here and lock in your spot!

When does the Course commence?

The Course commences 1 July, 2022 and runs for 12 months.

What are the pre-requisites?

  • Own at lease 1 residential property
  • Have the mindset to learn and absorb information
  • Be a team player
  • Have access to Microsoft Zoom, strong internet and WhatsApp

Qualifications required before entering the industry

  • Certificate 4 in Real Estate Services – State Based
  • Certificate 4 in Mortgage Brokering

Is it tax deductible?

Potentially, check with your Accountant.

Do I get any formal qualifications?

No, just real life experience that fast tracks most qualifications.

Is my partner allowed to attend?

Yes, at an extra cost (chat with John about level of involvement)

Do I have unlimited access to John through this 12 month period?

No, simply through the group workshops and personalised meetings.

Will I be receiving hands on training?

Yes, you will be given action steps from our workshops and meetings that will prepare you for life as a property coach or buyers agent. You will get your hands dirty so to speak with a combination of tutorials and practical (ala University)

Do I need to attend the field days that will be run?

No this is optional but highly encouraged. Cost of flights, accommodation etc. not included but field day experience is.

Do I need any qualifications before commencing?

No, however we do require you to have owned at least one residential property and it is recommended that you gain the qualifications in Mortgage Brokering and Real Estate throughout the 12 months but not essential.

Is the Real Estate license state based?

Yes, check with the office of fair trading in your State and/or see below links.

What tools and resources do I get access to?

Solvere Online Academy, Solvere Property Analyser Calculator, Personal and Business Income and Expenses model, Business Plan Template.

Do I need to pay for my DISC to be completed?

No, this is covered by us.



  • Understanding your DISC profile and how to use it in business and life
  • Analysis of your own personal wealth creation and property portfolio including valuations, assessment from John as a plan of attack
  • Property investing 101’s for clients – learning our 8 pt strategy and how to apply it to each client, property do’s and don’ts based on my 25 yrs investing and 10 years coaching
  • Coaching clients in residential property the smart and effective way – What works, what doesn’t, how to build rappor, what forms of communication to use and when
  • Buyers Agent systems and processes – forms to use, our templates for you to use, effective practise within the industry, how to get ahead from the pack, how to buy at auction, how to find off market properties, how to deal with RE agents and vendors.
  • Property Types and Market Research how too’s – What property types work, how to apply to each location, how to identify hotspots and notspots, how to buy better than other Buyers Agents, how to out negotiate other buyers, how to ensure you don’t pay too much for property
  • Business KPI’s and Profit forecasting – Knowing the key indicators to measure for business success, finding your niche in the industry and monetising this to your advantage, finding a team of people for your business
  • Min 1 full day of Field training (on the job) with John Pidgeon on the Central Coast – A snapshot/ driveby of real developments completed by John, mini development feasibility training, oversupply and undersupplied markets/property types
  • How to build a team of experts around you and your clients
  • Branding, Marketing and Admin in the Property Industry
  • Common mistakes in business and the Real Estate industry
  • All my online tools and resources for access and use throughout the 12mth period
  • 10 x monthly online workshops with other trainees
  • 10 x 1hr personalised meetings with John
  • Opportunity to join the Envisage BA team with John upon completion



  • Ready to launch own business or work for someone
  • A fast track of your own property investing experience for your own wealth creation
  • On the job training to become a business owner and a BA/Property Coach in a competitive unregulated industry
  • 20yrs of real estate experience brought into 1 easily accessible training centre

Cost – $11,100 including GST

Payment plans available upon request