Clarity Call with John Pidgeon

Qualified and quick help to overcome roadblocks and ensure successful property decisions!


Or want to avoid a decision making disaster?

When it comes to property investing, sometimes we simply need quick, sound, educated advice to put us at ease, get the ball rolling, and move forward with a decision that needs immediate attention.

John Pidgeon is Solvere’s Director & Head Property Educator, one of Australia’s Top 10 Property Specialists and co-host of the popular My Millennial Money Podcast.  He has a Bachelor of Education and has been coaching and teaching people in property for 20 years.

John has helped everyone from cautious first home buyers to savvy investors understand the complexity of property deals in great depth, and to break down the deal with clarity for the most successful and profitable outcome.

Lock in a ‘Clarity Call’ with John for trusted guidance and confidence that you’re taking the RIGHT steps in your property journey.

ONLY $350!


If it’s more of a ‘sounding board’ you’re after over a longer period of time, John can be available via email for 1 month* of your property journey.  Ideal for quick and concise education and information, a second opinion or feedback on property listings.

* John will be available for feedback on up to 10 properties.

ONLY $600!



“A clear plan of steps to move forward in purchasing my first investment property.  Ideas that I hadn’t thought of myself, that will save me lots of money and set me up for the purchase of my second investment property also!  Helps to rid any doubt you may have, or brainstorm ideas you’re tossing up. Gain clarity on what your plan moving forward is!”  Laura Pavey

“Confirmation on my strategy, a few ways the strategy could play out down the line and helpful tips on scouting for locations.  It’s reassuring to talk to someone who knows the industry and it open-minded to people’s different strategies and is also able to provide some insights which the everyday Joe may not have considered.”  Belinda E McIntosh

“I got a greater understanding of my pathway from my first property to my second and what steps I should and shouldn’t take.  It gave me clarity around what strategy I should go down and then what action steps I should follow to best get me to my goals”.  Blake McNulty

“Unironically, we got clarity. There is a lot of information out there and its really hard to know if you are getting the right advice. John knows what he is talking about so being able to bounce your concerns off him and get real answers is amazing.”  Caleb

“John put things in a different perspective for me.  Whilst it was hard to hear at the time, he guided me though to a different opportunity that aligns with my longer term goals.  External perspective and professional opinions before you send big $.”  Jess Pearson

“The best move we ever made.  After listening to the My Millennial Money podcast for quite some time, my partner and I decided to book a meeting with John.  Our goal is to buy a house together, but we felt like we weren’t getting anywhere.  After one meeting, we walked away with a clear strategy and were given some great insights that will help us get into the market a lot sooner than we expected.  I highly recommend John to anyone that is looking to achieve any financial goal.  it was the best move we ever made”.  Karl Davidson

“We had a clarity call with John last night and honestly it was so helpful. In our scenario, it reaffirmed our decisions and gave us a clear plan of next steps for the next 10years. Well worth having an outside sounding board with experience to advise. Highly recommend John to literally give you clarity on any roadblocks, big decisions and plans”.  Annabel Shepherd

“My husband and I are quite similar in our thinking and it was really nice to have an external sounding board.  John helped talk through our fears with purchasing our first ever home and helped us come up with a plan to move forward.  We’ve gone from being frozen in fear to being excited about the next 12 weeks.  I spend my life setting goals for others but forget myself.  It was really helpful to talk our fears and ideas out with John without judgment.  Highly recommended”!  Cherith Withington

“Just had a Clarity Call with John regarding my future property endeavours.  It happened to be one of the most useful and informative sessions that was tailor-made, and potentially saved me a substantial amount of money and heart-ache in the future.  I would highly recommend John’s services to anyone looking at property and in need of some clarity”.  Ashley Still


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