We fill in the gaps to determine your staff's success.


This style of group training and mentoring will give your staff an opportunity to learn and understand the real principles of finance and property investing. Every company is different so we customise our training to suit your needs, regardless of the age or experience of your staff.

How your business will benefit

Our goal is to arm your staff with the solutions and tools they need to create a secure, satisfying and successful future through achievable, customised coaching with a focus on incorporating your business needs. Empowering your staff with this knowledge will benefit your business in many ways.

– Enhanced company culture
– A future wealth plan for your staff
– Increased staff retention
– Common interest between staff members
– Motivation for productive, long term employment
– Ability to see long term goals
– Improved mental health

What your staff will achieve

At the completion of the sessions, each staff member will have understood;

– Finance in great detail
– The Australian property markets
– How timing and time in the market are important
– How to look for property
– Mindset and how it affects results
– Understanding their own goals and lifestyle
– The danger of bad debt and how to avoid
– The basics of being a developer

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