How to get a pay rise

How to get a pay rise

According to the Financial Review, about 38% of Australian’s believe their income will NOT rise over the next 12 months.

This can be a major productivity de-motivator.  Pessimism breeder. And a self-esteem sucker.

Now, even though they think their pay packet wont be increasing, the cost of living IS so the pressure cooker is turned up to high for these average Australian income earners. 

Do you fall into this category? Yes? Then you need to do something about it.

So, just how do you get an increase in your pay packet?

Ask for one? Tell your employer about your financial woes? Be a ‘yes’ man (or woman)?

Believe it or not 😉 Nope.

The answer is simple.  ADD VALUE!

Five ways to add value in the workplace & get noticed


  1. Remember that time is money
    Your most valuable commodity is your time.  How you invest your time at work will be noticed.  Don’t spend six hours putting together a presentation when you can deliver the same results with less prep time. Minimise the fluff, maximise the impact – your Boss will thank you for it.

  2. Work out how to set yourself apart from everyone else in the workplace
    This is what puts you into leadership. Which in turn earns you more money for the same time as everyone else.

  3. Zip it and listen up
    If you don’t know, seek out some experienced advice.  Admit to yourself that you don’t know everything.  Find yourself a mentor and learn, learn, learn.  Your eyes will be opened to things you may never have even considered.

  4. Learn how to communicate…for real
    There’s a big difference between the ever growing, increasingly impersonal, quick fix e-communication and genuine communication.  Sure, we need well written, articulate emails. But you must be able to interact with people, solve problems and build relationships.  If you can’t do this, what value do you actually have?

  5. Have a life
    Be committed to the company, absolutely.  And accomplish all you can.  But life whizzes by so try not to take your job home with you.  Mirror, mirror – if you have a happy and fulfilling life outside of your work, it shows – and reflects.  You wont be able to help but shine your light and in turn inspire, guide and bring hope and inspiration to others. This one is valuable in all aspects of life.


And now for the WHY. I really encourage you to go the extra mile. A pay rise will not only ease the pressures of the day to day, but also increase your serviceability for the banks (so you can obtain a loan for that next property) and give yourself or your family more lifestyle choices. And while you’re at it…pay your future self some love by contributing more to super or paying down your own mortgage!

Want more ideas on how to plan for a solid financial future?  A great starting point is to take our FREE Financial Health Check, shoot me an email at or call me on  0438 396478. I’d love to help.


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