The Federal Budget 2016

Winners – Small Businesses, Drivers, Upper middle income earners
Small businesses – Will get a tax cut from July 1 this year, with the rate reduced to 27.5 per cent. The threshold for businesses eligible for this will rise from $2 million in annual turnover to $10 million. This will affect about 870,000 businesses and about 3.4 million workers.

Drivers – The Government will spend nearly $3 billion on new infrastructure projects, much of it concentrated in Victoria and focused on roads.

The state’s Western Ring Road will get $350 million, while there will be $500 million for the Monash Freeway, $345 million for rural and regional highways and $75 million to combat congestion in urban areas. In Queensland, $200 million will be provided for upgrades to the Ipswich Motorway in the state’s south-east. How will this affect the new development areas heading out to Ballarat and the Surf Coast in Victoria along with the already identified growth corridor between Brisbane and Ipswich – exciting times ??

Upper middle income earners – By increasing the upper limit for the middle income tax bracket from $80,000-$87,000, the Treasurer has given those towards the top of the earnings pile an extra boost, with roughly the top 25 per cent of working Australians set to benefit.

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