Tips from Janine Allis, founder Boost Juice

Tips from Janine Allis, founder Boost Juice

During the week I attended a fantastic event called Success Squared.  It was a one day program of inspiring innovators and influences and I took home loads of inspiration and learnings.

Janine Allis, Australian businesswoman, founder of Boost Juice and part-owner of Retail Zoo, Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill and Cibo Espresso, headlined the event.

These 8 tips she shared really resonated with me and I wanted to share them with you.  This lady knows her stuff.

  1.  Always be the student
  2. There is always a solution
  3. Be accountable for everything – the problem is yours
  4. Do not settle for mediocrity  = surround yourself with the best
  5. Embrace change.  It’s coming whether we like it or not
  6. If you’re not failing you’re not trying hard enough
  7. You are what you think you are

Wise words.  Take them in and think about how you can impact your own life or business with these simple truths.  And as always, if you’re ready to make some changes and take some steps of you’re own, give me a shout.









John Pidgeon
Director/Head Property Coach