What is Rentvesting?

What is Rentvesting?

If you want to rentvest, be prepared that you will receive some sort of negative energy, backlash, pressure or call it what you want for not buying your own home to live in sooner.

The reason for this is not because your friends and family don’t like you or care for you, it is quite the opposite where they think that the best way to move forward in life is to buy your own home to live in.

This doesn’t mean getting rid of your friends or family either, it simply means talking to those who have succeeded before you in this area. If you want to be a star in Hollywood, you don’t spend your time with someone who has never acted.

I believe you can create a situation where you can get the best of both worlds by renting where you want to live and being able to also invest where you want to invest, meaning that you are maximising your living now (even though it isn’t your home that you are living in) and also investing where your strategy will best place you at the time and at the same time reducing your tax payable by claiming deductions from your rental property.

This has the ability to create massive wealth in your life, long before your family comes along, cost of kids schooling, replacing cars, family holidays and the lifestyle hampster wheel consumes you.



If you want to learn more about rentvesting, give me a shout! You can reach me via email at john@solverewealth.com.au or call me on  0438 396478. I’m here to help.


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