Who are the fastest growing home owners in Australia?

Who are the fastest growing home owners in Australia?

Single.  Millennial.  Women.

Among the fastest growing home owners in Australia, new data is showing that, unlike their male counterparts, these young women aren’t waiting until they’re in long-term relationships to buy their first properties. They’re getting out there and doing it on their own – no messing about!

Are these millennial women more deadline driven?  Is security more important to them?

A Westpac survey has also revealed that 71 per cent of women were planning to purchase in the next five years, compared to only 61 per cent of men.

Does this ring true to you?

Now 71% doesn’t surprise me at all.  I live and breathe property everyday and more than ever women are wanting to stand on their own two feet and take action.  In my experience, these millennial women are the primary demographic who are taking the bull by the horns and are out there immersing themselves in knowledge so they can build their own successful futures with confidence.

And dare I say it, the man in their life is now a bonus not necessity!  This powerful group of women are not just talking the talk people, they’re taking action.

Gone are the days when your first property had to be your forever home and where you had to live and grow old, we’re seeing a lot more savvy women creating an investment portfolio well before buying their dream home.

John Pidgeon, Solvere


You are movers and shakers, really paving the way and setting the tone for the generations who follow.


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