Why I’ll be focussing on my Health and Wellbeing in 2020

We tend to lose site of our health and well-being as we get older and busier. 

Our focus seems to naturally turn to work, security for our family, and the daily tasks that arise.  We’re easily distracted by our ‘to do’ lists, become…dare I say it…lazy in our downtime, and sometimes find it difficult to commit to things unless they’re making us money or creating an immediate ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ style result.


Everything else seems to take priority over our health.

But think about it.  Without our health, what do we really have?

There’s an old saying that I often think of, “Don’t be the richest man in the cemetery”.

If you just winced and saw yourself connecting with that statement, then it’s time to do something.

You can be the most successful property investor or business tycoon in the world.  Completely immersed in it, kicking goals, making a truckload of cash, assets for days and feeling pretty damn happy with yourself.  Content that ‘your work here is done’ and life can’t get any better.  But if you’re losing sight of your health and well-being, then maybe you’ve got it all wrong?

20 years ago I studied Physical Education.  We were taught that to keep our bodies in top shape it was always about;

  • A standard 30 minutes of exercise a day
  • Eight hours of sleep
  • Follow the healthy food pyramid

Do this, they said and everything will be A-OK!

But we now know that these ‘health rules’ are not true in its entirety for everyone.  There is so much more to it.

To successfully achieve a healthy body and mind, the plan has to be personal.  You’ve got to enjoy it.  And you’ve got to be able to stick to it.

So find your fit!  And do it now.  The years ahead will thank you for it.

And in my humble opinion, the key to living your best life is finding the balance between wealth creation financially, and wealth creation mentally and physically.  We need to think about all the aspects of life we value, including health, family, lifestyle, job satisfaction and happiness.  Being truly wealthy means being able to nurture all of those things, not sacrificing them in order to reach a monetary goal.



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